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USB device F07 not recognized

Question asked by Se Jasmine on Nov 13, 2017



i wanted to establish a connection from a STM32F070CB as a device to my PC via USB. So first i simply wanted to use the code generated by CubeMX since with the precompiled code the device should be identified properly on the PC. But i just get the message:  USB deivce not recognized


I use a crystal with 12 MHz and the clock config is adapted properly.

The device is powered over USB and connected according to AN4879. Which means neither D+ nor D- have a pull up or pulldown since as far as i know this is only necessary for High-Speed USB.


I already increased heap & stack size and added a delay before MX_USB_Dvice_Init().


If any one has an idea what the problem could be i'll be very thankfull.