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2.1.10 DMA2 data corruption when managing AHB and APB peripherals in a concurrent way

Question asked by westmoreland.john on Nov 11, 2017
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I'm using the STM32F407VG in a project; doing DMA to/from memory from GPIOD using TIM1_CH1; and I'm seeing the DMA xfer get stuck - meaning; on RCV I only get the first byte; and on XMIT I only see the last byte; and I'm wondering if the reason could have something to do with this errata.


As far as my code goes; I've been following several of the examples and threads in this forum; and anything I can post at this point wouldn't really be any different or any help regarding the code (I think anyway).


Just wondering if any of you have had this issue; and could this erratum be the reason.


I'm using DMA2, Channel 6, Stream 1 and Stream 3.


Note I am transferring and receiving the correct # of bytes; but they are all the same; meaning; I just see a bunch of first bytes copied over on the receive; and on the transfer I just see a bunch of copies of the last byte being transferred as the xmit pkt.


I've seen similar questions as this - titled something to the effect of 'dma duplication' but not a single one of those threads has been answered; so, I hope this thread does get answered.


Thanks In Advance,

John W.