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STM32H743I Eval Board Schematic for SD card

Question asked by binu pandian on Nov 13, 2017
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We are planning on using the STM32H753 in our design. We currently have the STM32H743 eval board with us and we have the following query regarding the sd card schematic on the user manual "UM2198".



The sd card schematic in page in pg.60 of the user manual shows the following voltage translator being used.



The VCC of sd card connector, CN13 and the VSD_REF of voltage translator, M1 is connected to +2V9_SD.

I believe both the CN13 and M1 can operate at 3.3V. 

Is there any specific reason for this?


Also, if  we want only to support only 3.3V signalling (upto High speed mode, 50MHz operation), can we get rid of M1 in the schematic?


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Binupandian S.