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Eval6470H R1.1 && (Arduino || Steval-PCC09V2)

Question asked by pocaterra.alessandro on Oct 4, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2013 by pocaterra.alessandro
Hi. I played with the eval board+steval to set my step motor parameters. It works flawlessly. Now I'm writing Arduino code to get the same control. Motor parameters have been copied by the Register Map. SPI routines are ok and verified.

Strange thing with Arduino: I can move the motor "almost the same" as with the steval, read/write registers (they are the same as using Steval and the associated software) but the motor runs SLOWER.
Always around 80% than the set speed value.
With Steval, OK. With Arduino, a little whistling noise and 80% the speed... The speed register (as all other registers) is the same.
Using Steval the motor stalls running around 2500step/s, using the same controls but with Arduino it stalls at 900step/s.

It is set for 1/128 microsteps, Ke has been determined sperimentally. What puzzles me more is the fact that the registers' content is the same!
Any ideas?

Is it possible that the register writing order changes the register's behaviour?
Has somebody engine-reversed the settings performed by Steval when it is turned on?

Thank you in advance