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LIS2DE12 Accelerometer I2C data Reading Problem

Question asked by udhakumar udhayakumar on Nov 12, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2017 by udhakumar udhayakumar

Hi, I'm working with LIS2DE12 for motion detection. I have configured INT1. Whenever motion is detected I'm reading  INT1_SRC but its value is not changing. It is always same 01101000. Here's the configurations I have set.


CNTRL_REG0 = 10h    //SDO pull_up connected

CNTRL_REG1 = 3Fh   //25Hz, Enable XYZ axes

CNTRL_REG2= 03h    //HPF enabled for Interrupt

CNTRL_REG3= 40h    //INT1 on INT1 pin

CNTRL_REG4 =00h    //Default BDU disabled

CNTRL_REG5= 04h     //4D enabled

CNTRL_REG6= 20h    // INT2 Interrupt on INT2 pin /clk INT2 & activity INT DISABLED..

INT1_CFG       = 7Fh    //X,Y,Z interrupts , 6-D enabled

INT1_THS       = 05h 

INT1_DUR      = 03h      //  (03/25) seconds.


Also OUT_X_H, OUT_Y_H, and OUT_Z_H gives always same values. Anything I'm missing in the configuration? help me out of this.