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Cube divides Input Frequency value by 1 000 000

Question asked by Tomasz Kowalczyk on Nov 13, 2017
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Hi, I'm using Cube v4.22 as Eclipse (version 4.5.2) plugin. I've encountered a problem with clock configuration - when I write a frequency in the Input Frequency field, Cube automatically divides it by million. This generally wouldn't be a big deal (putting value in Hz instead of MHz as indicated by the comment), but when I later touch any other setting or generate code, the value divides by another million again - producing wrong values in all the fields. I don't know if it actually affects the generated code, but surely it is annoying.

Screenshot of my Cube after I have written 8000000, enter and then started changing some ADC divider:

If I keep pressing enter while in Input Frequency window, it keeps dividing whatever is in there by one milion at a time.

All of above happens to LSE too.


Does anyone know where exactly the problem lies and if it is possible to get rid of it? I've looked through release notes of two newer versions of Cube and this problem was not mentioned as fixed.