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How to protect the 3.3V stm32 line ?

Question asked by Aurélien f on Nov 10, 2017



I'm facing an issue regarding the 3.3V line on my board that embeds a stm32. The board also embeds a radio module (WISOL SFM10R1). My problem is that at one moment my radio module seems to be blown because it no longer responds but the stm32 is still working well. So i'm suspecting my supply board that is generating the 3.3V to overshoot this voltage. This board embeds a bq25570 from TI ( ).


So, to prevent this over voltage i intend to put a 3.3V TVS diode between the supply board and the main board (stm32 + sfm10R1) such as : 


The idea is to stay in ultra low power, so the protection circuit needs to have a very low current consumption.


So, i would like to know if this solution can work, or if there is a better solution.


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