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How to get SWO working with STM32CubeMX-generated Makefile?

Question asked by gregson.peter on Nov 10, 2017
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I am using the arm-eabi-none- toolchain on Mac OS X 10.11 using STM32CubeMX 4.22.1 to create the initialization code, a Makefile that I wrote and the ST-Link/v2 for programming.  With that environment, I can get SWO printf debugging working without problems.  However, when I use the same software together with the Makefile created by STM32CubeMX (with "Makefile" selected in the "Toolchain / IDE" box), SWO pintf debugging does not work.  Sadly, I have to switch from my hand-crafted Makefile to the one generated by STM32CubeMX and so I must get this working.


Can anyone help with this?  I can post a minimum example if necessary, but I suspect that there is a flag missing somewhere.  Since my Makefile searches the Drivers subdirectory for all files that meet the search criteria, but the STM32CubeMX Makefile doesn't appear to do that, I think that mine is including a file that the Cube one doesn't.


Could someone advise me?


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