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Float Assignment Causing HardFault

Question asked by kasapoglu.orkun on Nov 9, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2017 by kasapoglu.orkun

Hello. I am trying to control a step motor with a driver like m542 stepper driver. I can control the rotation speed and direction of the motor. I'm working with STM32F4-Discovery to get prototype done. Everything was good when I tried to add some distance control functions. So, the step motor is 200 pulse/rev and I need to control some small size distances and the timers have capabilities about that. I created a struct and it just has five elements one of them is float.

I want to calculate the pulse ratio between motor and driver and send pulses due to the range. But I cannot assign any value to that float ratio element of struct. The core goes hard fault handler when I want to simple assignment to that variable like as; `STRUCT.fVAR = (float)40.0;`. Here is my struct and code which is causing the fault;


typedef enum


  Z = 0,

  Y1 = 1,

  Y2 = 2



typedef struct


  __IO MSMD_DirectionEnum_t dir;

  __IO int speed;

  __IO float sensitivity;

  __IO uint32_t driverPPR;

  __IO uint32_t motorPPR;



__IO MSMD_TypeDef_t  MSMD[3]; // Using 3 different motor


static __inline void MSMD_CalculateRatio(MSMD_AxesEnum_t axis)


  if ((MSMD[axis].motorPPR != 0) && (MSMD[axis].driverPPR != 0))



    HardFault occurred first here but I didn't understand why then I added a simple assignment line before calling this function in init.


    MSMD[axis].sensitivity = ((float)MSMD[axis].motorPPR / (float)MSMD[axis].driverPPR);




int MSMD_Init(MSMD_AxesEnum_t axis)



  **  Timer and GPIO initializations. They are working well I added the problematic part after check all the functionalities


  MSMD[axis].driverPPR = 40000;

  MSMD[axis].motorPPR = 200;

  MSMD[axis].sensitivity = (float)40.0; // Then HardFault occurred in here again.




I'm using Keil MDK 5.24 Plus edition and STM32F4-Discovery_FW_V1.1.0. And I checked the Fault Reports then saw the hard fault was forced. I understand that it is forced by another disabled fault handler and the NOCP bit is set in the UsageFault section. I'm adding the Fault Report screen image.

I didn't see any unusual thing on the SFRs and/or SP, PC.


EDIT: When I comment just these lines everything works well.