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KSZ8863 RMII Interface and STM32f207 Communication

Question asked by R B on Nov 9, 2017


I am currently using HAL library to interface my STM32F207 to a KSZ8863 switch using RMII Interface. The clock 25 Mhz provided externally which is then scaled to 50 Mhz to enable the interface. Now, I can read from the KSZ PHY register, i.e: I can read the CHIP ID and the default reset values but writing to the Ethernet PHY register is a complete failure. 


Do I have to implement a bit bash mechanism as mentioned over here? Do I have to initialize both the PHY Ports?

Ethernet problems @ 10Mbit/s half duplex with STM32F207IG and KSZ8863RLL PHY. 

Because I have tried that method and it is unsuccessful. I have pored through the datasheet to no avail. 
Does anyone have a solution or tips on how to proceed?

Thanks and Regards.