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debug button does not work, debugging does work

Question asked by Matthew Richardson on Nov 9, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2017 by Erwan Y

In SPC5Studio, the debug button in the ribbon does not function, and the debug button in the Activity Wizard is not enabled (is visible though). 



1) Pressing the Debug Button in the ribbon has no function.

2) Pressing the Debug section in Activity Wizard results in a Console Error "Debug KO"

3) Right Clicking on the project Debug As >>>  2 Universal Debug Engine, results with fault dialog "Launch failed Binary not found"

4) I am able to debug via the UDE if I right click on the project Debug As>>> Debug Configurations>>> [Chose my created UDE Debug Configuration] >>> Debug.  The only way Debug seems to initialize is from this Debug Configurations dialog.


It seems that the top level buttons and controls aren't finding the configuration I created.  When I drill down and chose it manually (method 4), then I am able to debug.  In Project Properties, Run/Debug Settings I have just the UDE Debugger configuration I created in the Launch configurations.  I am assuming that this is what I need.