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SPC5Studio: EMIOS register definitions for SPC56EC wrong?

Question asked by Tim Tashpulatov on Nov 9, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2017 by Tim Tashpulatov

I want to use EMIOS and PWM for SPC56EC74. When debugging the code for Channel 0, I can see that channel 9 is being initialized instead.


Looking into the xpc56ec.h file, EMIOS section, the UCDIS Disable Channel Register is being described starting at (Base+0x000F), whereas in the datasheet it is said to be at (Base+0x000C).


Is the xpc56ec.h header not compatible with SPC56EC74?


The code:


pwm_lld_init (); 
pwm_lld_start (&PWMD1, &pwm_config_pwmcfg);
pwm_lld_enable_channel (&PWMD1, 0, PWM_PERCENTAGE_TO_WIDTH(&PWMD1,5000));


The header in question is taken from the following plugin:\component\lib\include\xpc56ec.h