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Incorrect STM32F4 svd files?

Question asked by AB on Nov 9, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2017 by AB

So I downloaded en.stm32f4_svd which contains the System View Description (SVD) files for the complete range of F4's


Looking at the STM32F429.svd in particular even though I believe they are all incorrect we have the following...


Under the CPU section there seem to be some values at odds with ST's data sheets, and header files

revision is set as r1p0 rather than r0p1

mpuPresent and fpuPresent are set as false when clearly they are present

nvicPrioBits is set to 3 when in should be 4


Am I misunderstanding something or are these values actually wrong or have I downloaded outdated files (v1.2) ?


Here's the link to the download

Resource Selector - STMicroelectronics