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Why can't i connect to my STM32F103

Question asked by pawlak.david on Nov 8, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2017 by pawlak.david

I have a ST-LINK-V1 connected to a OLIMEXINO-STM32, an F103RBT6 using the System Workbench.


Using the ST-LINK utility I can see that I communicate to the ST-LINK. I can flash the com light and change basic configuration.


But when I try to connect to the device it times out without much feedback as to why.


Trying to connect for debug on the WB there is more detailed information.


It seems to connect, I see the unit voltage but it says "0" breakpoints and something about not connecting through JTAG even though i have SWD selected. 


Since I an writing this from my cel phone, I'll submit this and go to the computer to to collect images and data and post a subsequent post.