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Question about Level1 Cache STM32F7

Question asked by Gunnar Bohlen on Nov 8, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2017 by gonzalez.laurent


I have read several documents about the Cache, but the last sentence in AN4839 (Level 1 cache on SRM32F7 Series) confuses me.

" However, If the external device is an ASIC and/or a FIFO, the user must disable the D-cache for reading."

I want to connect a FPFA to 32bit external bus, Addresses start at 0x6000.0000.

If I only look for the access to the FPGA:  What is the difference between 

A) disabled D-Cache and

B) enabled D-cache and set Memory region in the MPU to sharable, not bufferable and not cacheble?


Disable the D-cache is not an option in my project because this would slow down everything else.


In another thread someone suggested to swap address regions SRAM/SDRAM (0x60000000 <=> 0xC0000000) to change some behaviour.

Does this mean there are some internal attributes bound to the memory regions that cannot be changed via MPU settings?


This is how I would initialize the MPU for access to the FPGA.

 MPU_InitStruct.Enable = MPU_REGION_ENABLE;
 MPU_InitStruct.BaseAddress = 0x60000000;
 MPU_InitStruct.Size = MPU_REGION_SIZE_64KB;
 MPU_InitStruct.AccessPermission = MPU_REGION_FULL_ACCESS;
 MPU_InitStruct.IsShareable = MPU_ACCESS_SHAREABLE;
 MPU_InitStruct.Number = MPU_REGION_NUMBER1;
 MPU_InitStruct.TypeExtField = MPU_TEX_LEVEL0;
 MPU_InitStruct.SubRegionDisable = 0x00;