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STM32F303 OCREFCLR with Comparator Output

Question asked by Cemre . on Nov 8, 2017
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Hello Everyone,


I have a question about STM32F303VCT6 MCU's Hardware Comparator Unit.


I want to use 6 of the comparators as window comparator. I have no problem with this installation. But I also want to use this 3 groups of window comparators as cycle-by-cycle current limiter. So, I think I need to connect all the comparators Internal Outputs to my Timer's (TIM1 with 6 channel complementary output) OCREFCLR input. But I can't. Because, hardware just allows to set COMP1-2-3's outputs to set as "Timer 1 Output Compare Referance Clear". I don't have "Timer 1 Output Compare Referance Clear" selection with COMP4-5-6.


I need any suggestions. Please help me

Thanks a lot.