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Getting FP-CLD-AZURE1 to work

Question asked by Gabriel Ballesteros on Nov 7, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2017 by Gabriel Ballesteros

I have been looking at adapting the code provided in FP-CLD-AZURE1 . I have an STM32L476 Nucleo but don't have the other stackable boards. The code looks for sensor boards and simulates data if these are not found. The problem is I don't have the WiFi board, which is required to connect to the cloud.


I have an ESP8266 library that seems to be working fine, I have been testing it over the last few days in another simple application. I want to use it to test the FP-CLD-AZURE1 .


The main problem is that I find the FP-CLD-AZURE1 is lacking a lot of documentation, in particular related to porting it to other hardware. I have read the quick start guide as well as the 50 page manual . These only tell you how to get the demo going, which is essentially pressing buttons here and there. Setting up the IOT hub etc.


Now, someone has taken the time to put this nice piece of software together, and its aim is to reduce the development time/costs of solutions around similar hardware. Surely if the code has been shared, it is for people to understand how everything works and to potentially modify it to produce a custom solution.


Something like a diagram and a sort of table that defines the key functions that need to be modified to get it working on other hardware would render this FP-CLD-AZURE1 much more useful. A sort of API guide if you will.

So far, I haven't even been able to pinpoint where the link is made between the WiFi/serial HAL and the azure packet handler itself in the original code, I am still following the rabbit down the hole…definitions, references, this goes here, this goes there etc.


The graphs that show the links between files and the doxygen generated documentation are not very useful in this regard.

Any suggestion is more than welcome. The webinars also seem to only go over the demo. I am not expecting anyone to take my hand and show me the way. Just a hint would be good, or even better, a link to some thorough documentation that I may have missed.


TL;DR : I haven’t found a way to modify the STM32CubeFunctionPack_AZURE1_V3.1.0 to use my own WiFi chip. I can’t find where things are connected. There does not seem to be any documentation for this purpose, only a basic demo guide that does not go into detail. Any suggestions?