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FOC4.3 dual motor with ICS sensors and STM32F3 does not compile

Question asked by boeh.frank on Nov 6, 2017

I can select this configuration in STMCWB and generate all files, but the compiler complains in line 424 of MCTasks.c


  oCurrSensor[M1] = (CPWMC)IF3XX_NewObject(&PWMnCurrFdbkParamsM1, &ICS_DDParamsM1);


Error[Pe167]: argument of type "struct <unnamed> const *" is incompatible with parameter of type "pICS_F30XParams_t" C:\...\MCTasks.c 423


I checked, "ICS_DDParamsM1" is of type "ICS_DDParams_t", whereas the function expects a pointer to a parameter of type "ICS_F30XParams_t".