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Enabling ROP in application?

Question asked by Mindaugas Žumbakys on Nov 8, 2017

Hello. Is it possible to enable ROP in application? Let's say I transmit a command to MCU through UART and then MCU enables ROP. I am using STM8AF6223.


It is stated in PM0051 that "readout protection is enabled by writing 0xAA in the ROP option byte". But in STM8AF6213/23/23A/26 datasheet [8.1 Option byte description], OPT0 (ROP[7:0]) -> 
"0xAA: Enable readout protection (write access via SWIM protocol)
Note: Refer to STM8S series and STM8AF series 8-bit microcontrollers reference manual (RM0016) section on Flash/EEPROM memory readout protection for details."

Maybe it is possible to enable it without using SWIM protocol?

Thank you