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Write video on SD card using STM32

Question asked by raghu tumati on Nov 6, 2017

Hello All 

I am working on a project to save video on an SD card using an Omnivision sensor (OV7725 to be specific.)

I was able to store a bitmap image using DMA snapshot transfer from DCMI to SRAM and then write SRAM buffer to SD card. I had to write a bitmap header before writing the data to the file. Worked well for most part. 


So to write video my thought process was to

1) Use the DMA continuous transfer

2) Write and then append data to file on SD card as DMA keeps acquiring data (at the set frame rate)


What I have no clue about is the header file. I realize that I need some sort of header file for writing a video (avi) file. I just cant seem to find this information anywhere. In case of bitmap header for image, wiki had all the info, but none for writing avi files. 


Has anyone had experience in this forum with writing video using an STM32? I am using STM32F765VI chip. Trying to write an uncompressed video for now. Even 3-5 sec of video would suffice as a starting point for now. Does ST have an example code anywhere?

Any tips, feedback would be appreciated.