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SCT30N120 Intrinsic Body Diode

Question asked by Kaan AYDIN on Nov 7, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2017 by Kaan AYDIN

Hi everyone, I am planning to use sic mosfets in inverter application(2 level or 3 level) and I searched some manufacturer and prices, I saw sct30n120 and ST says ' Very fast and robust intrinsic body diode (no need for external freewheeling diode, thus more compact systems)' , does intrinsic body diode can handle the current as much as the mosfet ? lets say 25A current , or should I use external body diode ? 


If I use external body diode; can I use fast recovery diode ? What will be the disadvantages of that.

External SiC SBD's are expensive