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BlueNRG -How to control power consumtion in long sleep mode

Question asked by Igor Britskii on Nov 7, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2017 by Igor Britskii

Hello, I'm starting for STEVAL-IDB007V1 with demo BLE_Security for beacon app.

All clear, advertising process normal, the connection is established.

The aim of my project is the device with CR2032 power. But in process configuring my device I can`t achieve the consumption less than 120 uA because at long SW timer interval (more than ~1500 mSec) I see high current consumption after each wakeup of sw timer.
It looks like peak 200mA@200mSec while execution BTLE_StackTick() and empty App_Tick(), then SoC goes sleep and 1 second later consumption grow up to 2,5..2,mA@1sec . Tracing program execution by UART and LED`s doesn`t show any CPU activity.


I can`t understand, what part of SoC/code is utilized and how to control it or switch off? Probably this is some actions by BLE periphery? Can I set a longer interval for wakeup timer (ex. 1 min)?


Note: at small timer update rate (less than 2000 msec) only first small peak has occurred.

A similar pattern still valid for Sleep_Test example with disabled BL radio...