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How to change USBH_malloc

Question asked by tekampe.jens on Nov 6, 2017
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I`m using the CubeMX 4.23 and want to use the HAL USB Driver. In the usbh:conf.h is the code:

/* Memory management macros */
#define USBH_malloc malloc
#define USBH_free free
#define USBH_memset memset
#define USBH_memcpy memcpy

But i want to use the FreeRTOS functions for malloc and free. So i changed the code to:


/* Memory management macros */
#define USBH_malloc pvPortMalloc
#define USBH_free vPortFree
#define USBH_memset memset
#define USBH_memcpy memcpy

This works fine, but as soon as i generate code with the CubeMX the change is gone. Is it possible to add something similar to the ffconf.h to the usbh:conf.h or make it configurable in the CubeMX?


/* define the ff_malloc ff_free macros as standard malloc free */
#if !defined(ff_malloc) && !defined(ff_free)
#include <stdlib.h>
#define ff_malloc malloc
#define ff_free free


I hope you can help me with a solution