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STM32H743 nucleo won't work in USB OTG FS

Question asked by Marina Brener on Nov 7, 2017
Latest reply on May 9, 2018 by jaekel.torsten



I am working on a STM32H743 – NUCLEO 144 and need to use OTG_FS device only option in CDC mode.

I generated a project using the stm32cubeMX and have defined:

  1. SYS – Time bases : TIM1
  2. USB DEVICE – class for FS IP: CDC
  3. USB_OTG_FS - device only, VBUS – disabled
  4. The clock is configured from RC48 to USB
  5. Last cube version – 4.23


Found 2 problems:

  1. The device won’t enumerate as a serial com port and I cannot see it as unknown device as well (I am talking about CN13).
  2. The interrupt OTG_FS_Handler, never fires. So nobody raises HAL_PCD_IRQHandler.


As a test, same steps (using the cube) were applied on STM32L496 – nucleo, the L4 board enumerates and works properly as usb OTG.


Did someone encountered these problems on STM32H7?

What am I missing?


Lucky1, I saw your question about the stm32H743 USB, did you manage to run the OTG FS CDC mode?


Thanks for the help!