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FatFs f_open() fails after upgrading to STM32F4 FW pkg 1.17

Question asked by Zaher on Nov 3, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2018 by Clive One

I have two versions of my project exported from the CubeMX, one for the MDK-ARM and the other for the gcc-based Eclipse IDE (AC6). Both projects built with STM32F4 firmware package 1.13.1. 


After upgrading the firmware package to the latest 1.17, generating project files again for the MDK-ARM project, my FatFs is no longer able to open files on medium, (SD card). Everything else is working properly, f_mount() returns without error, until the program calls f_open(), which causes Hard Fault and sometimes returns error 3 (FR_NOT_READY). 


I tested the same code in the project I have generated earlier for AC6, everything works flawlessly and the file opened without any problem. Generating the project files with the upgraded FW pkg for AC6 has resulted in the same issue in the other project, too, and again, f_open() is no longer works and the program crash with hard fault. 


Initially, I thought it's something related to FreeRTOS, as I have been playing around that option back and forth. 


I was wondering if this is a known issue in the 1.17 version of the firmware package, as the release notes mention the following: 

    • Update to use FatFS R0.12c ST modified 20170705.

Could it be a problem with this new version of FatFs adopted in the FW package 1.17? 


I'm going to downgrade to 1.13.1 and rebuild the project and see if that solves the issue.