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STM32H7 series questions ( LQFP)

Question asked by D Zero on Nov 4, 2017

Dear *,


I have some questions about the STM32H7 series:


1) As i see the MCU can work from 1.6V to 3.5V power supply. 

a) if i set the VDD to 1.8V than all the I/O and interface pins are 1.8V logic ? 

b) is it possible to use other supply for some group of pins ?  eg. PA pins are using 3.3V logic and PF pins are using 1.8V logic ?


2) About the DRAM Memory controller. It is specified that it can use  SDRAM/LPSDR SDRAM

a) the SDRAM is 3.3V(most that are still active)  -> i have to use 3.3V VDD and all interfaces are 3.3V ?

b) the LPSDR SDRAM is 1.8V -> i have to use 1.8V VDD and all interfaces are 1.8V?

c) both SDRAM and LPSDR SDRAM are not double data rate ,is this correct?

d) can we also use SDRAM mobile like this one IS42VM16160K-75BLI with the MCU 


Best Regards.