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Technical douts on STM32F7 MCU(Timers)

Question asked by Edwin kaus on Nov 3, 2017
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I am using STM32F765BIT MCU in our application with custom board. Especially I am using this card in data acquisition system. Here the very big challenge is to measure frequency of 6 channels.(Every SEC I need to capture frequencies of all channels).

I have to capture 4 channel lower frequencies(range of 2Hz to 80Hz) & 2 channel higher frequencies (range of 70Hz to 10KHz). 

>> What is best way to met this requirement & how to use DMA in timer capture mode.

>> Also if I use multiple channels of same timer does It effect the accuracy of capture.

>> And I am worried about interrupts , I have USB,SPI & I2C interfaces and all are interrupt based(additionally this frequency capture interrupts) .Does MCU can able to manages all these interrupt effectively.


>> And I found 3 types of timers (basic timer ,advanced timer & general purpose timer), what is major difference b/w these timers, Can I use any of the timer for input capture mode .


I need to clarify these things before proceeding further , If one of your expert spare some time to clarify this It would be appreciated lot.


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Thank you.,