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LIS2HH12 with DMA

Question asked by Alexandre T on Nov 3, 2017
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I implemented a DMA with my LIS2HH12 to avoid losing datas.


The problem is that my DMA is too fast, I am able to read at 1.8kHz (1800 (x,y,z) datas in 1 second) thanks to my DMA but the max ODR that I can choose on my accelerometer is 800Hz.
So I am wasting a lot of memory with my DMA cause if I choose a 400Hz ODR if have a new data available each 4 or 5 sample.


As I understood, it is not possible to change the DMA speep. Did I miss something on the datasheet that could help me to solve my problem ? 
FIFO is interesting but while reading all the registers to get (x,y,z) datas, I will loose some datas ?

Note : I don't want an interrupt when new data available cause it will stop my program everytime