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Ethernet issue  (STM32F765BIT )

Question asked by maheshwar reddy on Nov 3, 2017

Hello .,


I am working on STM32 MCU in our custom board, In this I am facing some issues related to Ethernet interface. 

I manage to generate Ethernet code using STM cube MX,(Using in RMII), The code is working but not reliably working,

 When I make ping from PC it works 3 time out of 5 iteration. It works for some time . I don't find any solution for this problem.

MCU : Running at 216Mhz

Ethernet configuration I am using: : 100Mbps,Full duplex mode, And I have not enabled Ethernet global interrupt(NVIC setting) , Does this configuration make any problem.

I had changed the  MCU running frequency to 108 mhz then also i'am facing the same problem


I have made some changes in code to make ping work :


int main(void)
  /* Initialize all configured peripherals */
  while (1)


  /* USER CODE END 3 */


If I add MX_LWIP_Process() function in while loop then only the ping is working (That is also for some time not every time). 


Can anyone suggest me to resolve this issue.