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QSPI external loader issue

Question asked by Buelent Cakir on Nov 2, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2017 by Buelent Cakir


I'm using a S25F064F Flash on a custom STM32F446RC Board. Due the 64Pin Version of this Controller the Flash are connected as QSPI-DUAL (means only two data lines).

My issue with the attached Code is, that I can Programm only one Page even I get the error


10:06:41 : The elf loader Program function fails.

10:06:41 : Memory-Loader error

10:06:41 : Error occured during program operation!

10:06:41 : Programming error @ 0x90000003!

Afterward I see only one Page (256Bytes) programmed.

Similiar issue with the erasing of sectors. Only the first Sector are erased.

I can't see what is Happening in the Background and what is the ST-Link Util doing.

Maybe someone could have look in the Code and could found an issue.

Many Thanks in advance.