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LSM6DSL FIFO Continuous mode

Question asked by Eyal Lasko on Nov 1, 2017
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  1. The app note (pg 98) show an example to FIFO continuous mode.
    Looking at figure 29 it seem that the FIFO restart filling from F0 ('first' memory location) once read cycle begins.
    Is this the case? Shouldn't the FIFO fill to its last address (2047) and only than wrap around to F0 ?

  2. Does FIFO_FULL_SMART being set when FIFO fills to specific address (F2045), or is it triggered whenever the FIFO is about to be filled regardless where FIFO head is ?
    for instance - 
     Assume sampling only Acc & Gyro (datasets 1&2), setting the FIFO threshold to (e.g.) FTH=20(decimal) and  set STOP_ON_FTH=1 bit.
    Will the FIFO wrap around to 0 at address 19 ?
    Will FIFO_FULL_SMART be triggered initially when F17 is written ?

    Now the MCU reads F0-F8 (only),  and the FIFO keeps filling F18, F19, F0, F1... will the next trigger of FIFO_FULL_SMART will be when writing to F6 (after writing the following datasets: DS1->F18/F19/F0, DS2->F1/F2/F3, DS1->F4/F5/F6) ?