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SPWF01SA  connection issues after configuring with firstset

Question asked by bhanot.rishi on Nov 1, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2017 by Gerardo Gallucci

I can connect to network using wifi_connect function without any issues.

priv_mode = WPA_Personal;
status = wifi_connect("NETWORK","password", priv_mode);


When i try to configure module with firstset, it associates with AP but then it disconnects, here are the WIND messages:

+WIND:57:Received SSID is NETWORK
+WIND:57:Received Auth mode is 2
+WIND:57:Received PWD is password
+WIND:57:Received IBSS Auth type is 0
+WIND:57:Received Dhcp setting is 1
+WIND:57:Received Mode is 1
+WIND:1:Poweron (160129-c5bf5ce-SPWF01S)
+WIND:13:ST SPWF01S IWM: Copyright (c) 2012-2015 STMicroelectronics, Inc. All rights Reserved.
+WIND:3:Watchdog Running
+WIND:0:Console active
+WIND:32:WiFi Hardware Started
+WIND:21:WiFi Scanning
+WIND:35:WiFi Scan Complete (0x0)
+WIND:19:WiFi Join:C0:A0:BB:AB:46:A2
+WIND:25:WiFi Association with 'NETWORK' successful
+WIND:41:WiFi Disassociation:14

+WIND:40:WiFi Deauthentication:6
+WIND:21:WiFi Scanning
+WIND:35:WiFi Scan Complete (0x0)
+WIND:21:WiFi Scanning
+WIND:35:WiFi Scan Complete (0x0)  

then it goes in scanning loop and never connects again.

My AP is configured to use WPA/WPA2.