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BlueNRG-1 Automatic Connection after pairing

Question asked by Tino Beilken on Nov 2, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2017 by Andrea Palmieri

I have a little problem with BlueNRG-1 chip. I want that the first time I pair my phone with the BlueNRG-1 Testboard.

When I switch off bluetooth on my phone (iPhone) and the switch on, I want that my phone connects automatically to my BlueNRG-1 Testboard (like headphones).

But this doesn´t work.

The pairing process works well (first I get the event "hci_le_connection_complete_event" and after the confirmation on my phone I get the event "aci_gap_pairing_complete_event") but when I reconnect bluetooth the board goes always in the advertising mode and I don´t know why.

If the BlueNRG-1 needs to be configured or must the phone make sure that an automatic connection has been established?