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Communication between SWD and FSMC

Question asked by Axey Endres on Nov 1, 2017
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I'm designing a board with a STM32F2 series MCU and i was using JTAG as programming/debug interface, but now it's becoming out of pins and have no more free space in the PCB, the only option I have is to remove those heavy 20-pin JTAG header use Serial Wire.

I have searched a lot on Google and on ST's documents and didn't found anything about how i can program my external NAND attached to FSMC using SWD interface. I've found that -->JTAG<-- supports it, but nothing about SWD.

In my project, i need to have some files inside the nand(obvious using a filesystem). Do I need to write a USB Mass Storage driver to send files there or can it be done using SWD interface? Or can I only manipulate data at bytes/words level?



Axey Gabriel Müller Endres