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Perform a http POST request with Nucleo and Wifi

Question asked by carbone.fabio on Nov 1, 2017

Hi, I am trying to use my Nucleo L476RG with IDW01M1 Wifi Shild, to perform a POST request to the Firebase Database.


I am using the example providing in X-CUBE-WIFI1, in particular the HTTP_Request example project. ( ).


The problem is that in the example it use the variables:

   char * post_hostname = "";

   char * post_path = "/post.php/name=demo&email=mymail&subject=subj&body=message";


But the POST request require to insert the data not in the Url, but in the body message, with contentHeader, Type etc.

Firebase also require the data formatted in Json: Saving Data  |  Firebase 


So how can I perform a POST request to Firebase?


Thank you for your help.