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st25r3911b transparent mode example

Question asked by weiss.philip.001 on Oct 31, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2017 by weiss.philip.001

Is there any sample code to put the ST25R3911B into transparent mode?  I have been unable to make the ST25R3911B output OOK in transparent mode.

I need this functionality because I'm implementing a proprietary protocol.

My configuration/use model:

  • My circuit uses MCU_CLK as required for timing
  • I configure the ST25R3911_REG_OP_CONTROL register to enable TX and disable RX
  • I clear ST25R3911_REG_AUX_tr_am and set ST25R3911_REG_AUX_ook_hr in the ST25R3911_REG_AUX register to enable OOK.
  • I execute the 0xDC command (ST25R3911_CMD_TRANSPARENT_MODE) to enable transparent mode.
  • I configure the MOSI pin to push-pull output 
  • I expect changes to MOSI to be reflected when I measure from RFO1 to RFO2, with an oscillating signal (MOSI high), or nothing (MOSI low).


But, unfortunately, I don't get any signal on RFO1/RFO2.


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.