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STC3117 Error in Application Note

Question asked by Mick Avery on Oct 31, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2017 by gregory.gosciniak

There seems to be an error in either the datasheet or the applicatio note of the STC3117 gas gauge.


The error is in the bit description of the REG_MODE register, specifically the VMODE bit.
The datasheet says the following:
VMODE = 0 - mixed mode
VMODE = 1 - power saving voltage mode
The application note says the opposite:
VMODE = 1 - mixed mode
VMODE = 0 - power saving voltage mode
I've attached screenshots of the relevant sections in both the datasheet and the application note.
This first screenshot is from the datasheet.
This second screenshot is also from the datasheet, confirming the first screenshot.
This third screenshot is from the application note, contradicting the info from the datasheet from the first two screenshots.
Which document is correct?