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Same Set of Code build with different Compiler not working in stm32l053 controllers

Question asked by spiritlingas on Oct 30, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2017 by AvaTar



            I've finished building same code for a stm32l053R8 low power project using  both IDE's  Keil Microvision 5 & Atollic truestudio v5.5.2. Keil MicroVision project build works fine in all of our boards which we designed for the project. But Atollic build  not working in some of our boards. 


By switching the power, controllers flashed with keil microvision project .bin are starting from the main easily at the first attempt itself.


But, Atollic build .bin file is not getting into the main at the first attempt( requires NRST from debugger manually to reset properly & start from the main code).  I've tried debugging using Atollic IDE, but it works fine, the code jumps to the main. Without debugger connected the code doesn't run.


What may be the reason for this kind of behaviour in controllers.?



Thanks in advance