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Step mode bug in SPINFamily Evaluation Software (L6470)

Question asked by matsumoto.dave on Aug 16, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2013 by matsumoto.dave
I just got the SPINFamily eval software running on my PC, and can control my motor with it.  However, I just went into the Register Map to change the step mode from 1/128 to full step.  It turns out that no matter what value I write, when I read it back it is still set to 1/128.  I have changed other values in the Register Map, such as the OCD and stall thresholds, and those values can be set without problems.  Has anyone else seen this?

I downloaded the software just a week or two ago, but haven't been able to get the IBUUI to work (it just crashes all of the time).  But this updater should have anything to do with how the evaluation software sets registers, right?