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X-CUBE-MEMSMIC with 4 channel microphone problem

Question asked by zhangyi yuan on Oct 26, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2018 by Felipe Duque

hi, I have  a stm32l476 necleo-64 board and CCA02M1 extension board. I want to modify the the Microphones_Streaming example. and I want to use it to record 4 channel microphone and with 48000Hz sample rate. and I just change the macro definition    AUDIO_CHANNELS  in the aduio_application.h.    change the 2 to 4


#define AUDIO_CHANNELS 2     ------------> 4 

but the Audacity didn't work after the change,it reprot error like this 

and the the same thing happens when I change the AUDIO_SAMPLING_FREQUENCY to 48000


and I think mabe I should change the USB descripter at the same time, but how to modify it ?