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HAL_RTCEx_BKUPWrite problem

Question asked by Mohammad A on Oct 26, 2017

There seems to be a problem in HAL_RTCEx_BKUPWrite which is available in CubeF1 1.6.0 package.


void HAL_RTCEx_BKUPWrite(RTC_HandleTypeDef *hrtc, uint32_t BackupRegister, uint32_t Data)
  uint32_t tmp = 0U;

  /* Prevent unused argument(s) compilation warning */

  /* Check the parameters */
  tmp = (uint32_t)BKP_BASE;
  tmp += (BackupRegister * 4U);

  *(__IO uint32_t *) tmp = (Data & BKP_DR1_D);


it's not clear if this function is capable of writing 32 bit variables or not, because Data is uint32_t but then it ANDs Data to cut its least significant 16 bits.

It may confuse the user.