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Question asked by jamp on Oct 26, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2017 by jamp

Hello all,


I have a bluenrg-1 working as a master and it is connected to a bluenrg-1 working as a slave. The connection is established and it is working fine.

When I send the command aci_gatt_disc_all_primary_services() I received a response from the event aci_att_read_by_group_type_resp_event(), so I can obtain the UUID characteristic from the slave. Now I would like to know the characteristics of that UUID from the slave ( like char_properties, char_value_length). Though I can do it sending the command aci_gatt_disc_char_by_uuid(), when I send the command the response is ok but I do not get anything from the event  aci_gatt_disc_read_char_by_uuid_resp_event() as it is not called.


Am I doing it wrong or there is a better way to do it, to get the information I need from the slave?


Thank you