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Problem communication STM32F405VG and I2C EEPROM (M24M02-DRMN)

Question asked by Francisco SinapseEnergia on Oct 26, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2017 by Rafael Alcaide

Hi all.


We have a lot of problems communicating with one I2C EEPROM (M24M02-DRMN). Many times when we try to write or read we see into HAL functions for reading/sending HAL_BUSY answer. Then, we lost data in our application after power-up.


The interface for epprom is easy, The IC have following pins:





1) We put pin 1,2,4 to ground.

2) Pin A2 is pull-up to 3.3V with one 10k resistor.

3) VCC is 3.3V

4) /WC is tied to GPIO line microcontroller

5) SCL and SDA is i2c bus and they have the pull-up resistor for working bus.


Do you know similar problems.


Thans in advance.


Best regards!