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CUBEMX template for NUCLEO-F767ZI, Wrong default HSE crystal frequency

Question asked by John Craven on Oct 27, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2018 by Nawres GHARBI

If you create a Cube project using the NUCLEO-F767ZI board template, it uses 16MHz for the HSE crystal.


Out of the box, from the user manual, the dev board uses the:

MCO from ST-LINK (Default): MCO output of ST-LINK is used as input clock. This
frequency cannot be changed, it is fixed at 8MHz and connected to the
PF0/PH0-OSC_IN of STM32 microcontroller. The configuration must be:
– SB148 OFF
– SB112 and SB149 ON
– SB8 and SB9 OFF


This minor issue will probably get a few users scratching the heads like me when they cant get the correct baud on uart or other. But this is the only NUC/Disco board i have used where the template doesn't work for out-of-box boards.


My suggestion is change this project template so the HSE crystal freq is 8MHz (not 16).


I am using Cube 4.22.1


Also, less of a gotcha, is the overall board target frequency in the template, is for 16Mhz, and probably most users want to go for the full 216Mhz the first time they use it.