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STM32F4 Discovery fatfs in ram windows 8

Question asked by urasinov.iurii on Oct 26, 2017

I implemented mass storage in STM32F4 Discovery. Mass storage located in RAM it uses 64KB. I need just 16KB to load image from PC and draw it on LCD. Inside MCU I use ugfx and fatfs. It's almost working under windows 10. When I connect Doscovery to PC Windows request to format mass storage. I format it, fatfs founds FAT then I load bmp file into Drive and fats open that file. It's fine under Windows 10.

But under Windows 8 fatfs can't open bmp file, It returns that file doesn't exists.

Later I implement logging of drive content like here

Under Windows 10 I see all files and folders which I'm creating on drive.

But under Windows 8 fatfs doesn't see any folders and files, but in KEIL memory window I see in my 64KB RAM file names and content of files.

What can be reason of that?