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using Lwip stack on STM32F207Nucleoboard

Question asked by sri sandhya devi Iragavarapu on Oct 26, 2017

I am working on STM32F2207ZG Nucleo board . I had used STMCUBEMX to create a project.with the help STM32Cube_FW_F2_V1.6.0 package STM3220G-EVAL application code LWIP_TCP_Echo_Client i can send a sting to the Echo tool. i need to know how can we send some data(string) from echo tool to the micro controller where micro controller acts as client.I had attached a screen shot where the TCP connection is closed once the string is send by the client  and how can we keep the connection alive  and send some data without closing connection.

I had tried the LWIP_TCP_Echo_Server application also but  micro controller is just pinging but it is not actually responding to the data what we are sending .suggest how we send data from echo tool so that micro controller can process the data and respond. 

for eg: if we send 1 as data  from echo tool then  user Led should be On.