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HAL Library does not support UART Rx Timeout RTOR

Question asked by serdar onart on Oct 25, 2017

Hi all,

I am using STM32L433, and checked the manual that it supports rx timout for the uart. I am using cubeMX v4.22.1 with Cube L4 firmware Package v1.9.0. I try to receive unknown sized data from UART3 but i do not want to get interrupt for every byte I receive. Therefore i searched for the issue, and i found USART_RTOR, which is perfect for my needs. İ try to use it but unfortunatel HAL library does not support this timeout register duties. I try to add these lines to the init part of uart

WRITE_REG(huart3.Instance->RTOR, 3);

SET_BIT(huart3.Instance->CR1, USART_CR1_RTOIE);


then i observe that RTOF flag is set, good news. But i can not find any IRQ triggered when this flag is set. Therefore i can not get interrupt when the receiver timeout occurs. Does anybody have the same issue? Or am i missing something. Furthermore, does the HAL developmend tem planning to add RTOR to the library?