Jacek Dobija

PWM controlling issue

Discussion created by Jacek Dobija on Oct 26, 2017

Hello everyone


That is my first experience with STM32 so please forgive me if I doubled a topic associated with that etc. 

So basing on tutorial for STM32F103 I'm trying to do exercises for PWM controlling on my Discovery board with STM32F072. I succeded to controll LEDs intensity using interrupt TIM3_IRQHandler. I realized it'd be more optimally to use pins for which Timers are available. However it does not work for each Timer/pin I choosed eg. TIM16_CH1N/ PB6 or TIM1_CH1/PA8 but unfortunatelly it doesn't work. Could you advise me what am I doing wrong? 


Thank you in advance for your help


PS. I'm not sure if it's possible to paste here the source code, so please become familiar with .c file in attachment.