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Why is there no output from TIM9 CH2 on PE6

Question asked by greenwood.greg on Oct 24, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2017 by greenwood.greg

I am using the STM32F429ZI.  I have setup four timers to slave from TIM3.  The timers are TM1, TM2, TM4, TM9.  All four are setup the same as PWM generators in One Pulse Mode and I have checked multiple times to make certain they are being triggered from the correct ITRx.  TM1,2,4 output on CH1 and TM9 on CH2.  TM1,2,4 create pulses on their output pins that match the expected delay and width, but TM9 does not output anything and is always low.  The configuration was setup in MXCube using the latest repository 1.16.0. 

I double checked the PE6 (pin5 in my case - 144 QFP) by setting it to a GPIO.  I am able to toggle the pin and the output behaves correctly. 

All else is working as expected with Ethernet, Uarts, and other GPIO. 

MXCube does not complain that pin resources are in violation. 

Either I am missing something subtle or basic, or that is a bug.