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STM32F373 design queries

Question asked by PK K on Oct 24, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2017 by Clive One

We are planning to use STM32F373RBT6 for the replacement of ATMEL XMEGA_128:

I have the following queries related to the design as per my understandings:

  • Is USB2.0 will support device mode only and will be used to load the firmware or debugging purpose?
  • We are planning to use JTAG with SWD [20-pin connector], UART1 with BOOT0 signal as connected in EVM or USB ports for board bring up and firmware update. Does ETM Trace debugging connector is still needed in the board. Please confirm?
  • BOOT0 pin is available in the STM32 device. Please share the description when it is connected to VCC & GND?
  • BOOT1 bit is SW configurable based on the boot option requirements. Please confirm?
  • External 8-MHz crystal is needed when you select USB2.0 as per Cube recommendation. Please confirm?
  • Why Bootloader_BOOT0 is managed by pin 6 of connector CN12 (RS-232 DSR signal) in the EVM. Please provide more information?
  • VREF+ is to be connected to 2.6V If I want to operate the ADC, COMP, DAC with this reference voltage, please confirm?